Top 25 Best Websites To Watch Free Movies Online Streaming Tv | Without Downloading 2023

Free movie streaming sites has technology you can easily watch any type of movies hollywood, bollywood, HD Movies, animation movies and Tv shows online without downloading with high speed broadband internet connection. Streaming means watching movies, videos or listening music in real time, instead of downloading a file to your devices laptops, tablets, computers. All below (new/old) sites provide more than one functionality to watch free movies online without downloading anything. Best websites to watch movies free Putlocker, Primewire, Solarmovie, Movie4k, Projectfreetv, Tubeplus. How watch movies in your mobile first go to google play store or iTunes store and select best application for movie streaming and download it. through best iOS and Android apps you can watch movies online in your smartphone.

On the below table you'll see top 10 to 25 free movie websites each site is rated by its alexa rank, how often is updated, how much ads units display on webpage, web page layout, page design, their community, quantity of movies videos in site database, quality of the movies. below sites best to stream movies online without registration and paying. Best Torrent to download Hollywood/Bollywood/HD Movies. this web page give information about your some questions how or where can i watch movies online for free

Top 10 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites | Websites

1    Alexa rank = 1,264   Site URL = is a best website to watch movies online. This website template design very simple so users easily show any type of movies such as Action, Adventure, Comedy, Documentary, Drama and Romance. Site advanced search option very powerful for searching movies, HD movies through title. How use this site for streaming movies. First type movie title in search box -> press enter -> next pick the movie you are looking for from search results -> scroll down the page to the links section -> pick any version you want from the list of links -> click on the link end movie automatically run on your PC.

2    Alexa rank = 1,452   Site URL =

Putlocker is No.1 site for free movie streaming. Where users can search movies by Title, Genres, Director. Site provide a A-Z list feature using it you can easily find and watch all of your favorite films. This function is much better than using the genre. Putlocker is looking very well and you can easily access its all features you want. Putlocker have millions of titles available for watching free online. All movies on this website you find are hosted on third party servers. This website do not provide any additional features like community, form, account facility and much more. Website have a great combination of navigation and logo color.

3 YouTube Movies   Site URL =

YouTube is a most popular movie website to watch movies online this awesome website developed by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim in february 2005. YouTube mobile application available for Window Phones, iPhone, iPad and Android Phone. This website use Adobe Flash Player and HTML5 language technology to display a wide variety of Hollywood, Bollywood and Animation movies. Unregistered users can only watch movies but registered users are permitted to upload an unlimited number of movies with copyright.

  • Registration - Optional (only required for certain tasks such as uploading videos, adding videos to playlists, liking videos and commenting on videos).
  • Available in - 76 language versions available through user interface.
  • Slogan(s) - Broadcast Yourself | CEO = Susan Wojcicki | Founded = February 14, 2005.

4    Alexa rank = 12,101   Site URL = is a free to use multi-platform video entertainment network of full length movies, TV shows. Crackle is a best site where you can watch full length movies and TV shows. It is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Users can sign in to crackle with their facebook account and share their favorite movies or leave comments about content they have viewed.
What are the system requirements for crackle?.

  • Internet explorer 7.0 or above, Chrome and Firefox 3.
  • JS and Cookies must be enabled.
  • Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7 and Macintosh OS X.
  • Services = Digital streaming   |  Owner = Sony

On below services you can watch movies and TV shows online without downloading anything. Best sites to watch movies online or streaming movies Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu Movies, iTune Movies, Google Play.

5 Netflix    Alexa rank = 85   Site URL =

Netflix is a video sharing website founded by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings in 1998. This site started as a DVD by mail service in 1998 and began streaming in 2007. My friend using this awesome site you can watch and stream Tv anytime, anywhere. As of April 2016 Netflix announced that it had 46 million subscribers in United States. support Window pc, Mac operating sytem and Linux. Netflix movies and Tv show are available on the sony computer entertainment product playstation and Xbox 360 game consoles. Over 81 million members in over 189 countries use Netflix to watch TV shows and movies.

6 Hulu    Alexa rank = 346   Site URL =

Hulu is a high quality online streaming site that offers TV shows, movies and video clips. Hulu digital contents available in 1080 high definition, 720p, 480p, 360p, 288p. This website provides web syndication services for other sites including Yahoo.movies, Msn, Facebook, Comcast's Xfinity tv, AOL, Myspace. If you want to watch hulu TV episodes, you will need - first download best browser (chrome, firefox, safari), adobe flash player and enabled js and cookies.

Founded = October 2007; 8 years ago  |  Slogan(s) = "Anywhere, Anytime", "For the Love of TV"

7 Google Movies   Alexa rank = 475   |   Similarweb rank = NA

Google play is a digital distribution(app store) platform for android operating system. store movies offers online movies store to watch movies online, play store available in 34 countries. It allows users to browse and download songs, movies, TV programs, magazines. Google play store devices section allows users to buy google nexus, chrome books, other hardware and accessories.

9    Alexa rank = 9,429   Site URL =

Viooz is a most popular site in the world for watching free movies online without downloading with awesome unique design . Viooz have only static navigation bar with functions ( home, movies, genres, cinema, featured, years, countries, languages). Movies are managed in three categories (cinema, featured, latest added movies). Viooz embedded social media buttons on video player so you can easily share digital contents with your friends, family, groups. Viooz provide HD quality movies and TV shows. My friends, here you can search films by title, actor and director name.

8    Alexa rank = 12,146   Site URL = is awesome website, or in other words very simple cheap service to watch movies online without downloading. It have huge database of titles available for watching online. This service provide number of additional feature like FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions), Add a movie link, Create user profile and join community. It is free for watching tv series, movie trailer and much more. Site content available in English, German and Russian languages.
Most Popular in = Germany.

10   Site URL = is best websites on the web to watch movies online for free. All movies are embed on site so you will not need to watch it on third party host sites. This site collect millions of links to new movies and tv shows. Users can submit own videos on this platform. Website template design very simple, and the background searching algorithm very fast so any visitor find TV shows and movies with in milliseconds.

Below 5 movie sites valuable for buy movie tickets, Find movie times for theatres, watch latest trailers, watch full episodes & movie clips online, read reviews, view celebrity photos and much more on IMDB, Fandango, Rottentomatoes.

11    Alexa rank = 51   |  Similarweb rank = 64

IMDB (Internet movie database) website is an online database collect information related to television shows, celebrity news, movies, films on box office, upcoming movies. Actors and film directors can upload their photos and biodata. here Users can buy DVD, CD, videotapes. IMDB wad founded by computer programmer Col Needham in 1991 later company owned by Amazon Inc. As of june 3, 2014, site had 3 million titles and 6 million personalities in its database, according 54 million registered users visit this site.

  • Television episodes IMDB offers millions of television episode, on may 25 2016 site had 12,62898 titles in its database.
  • IMDB Instant viewing feature enables instant viewing of over 5467 films and tv shows from sony, CBS.
  • Message and politics board started in 2008 to discuss politics, current affairs and events.

This is very interesting site to watch free movies trailer and tv shows online. top left hand side site manage the upcoming hd trailer and right hand side manage list of opening this week, box office, coming soon films. IMDB offer a resume service which designed for actors and crew in the entertainment industry. IMDBPro is an online subscription service available to industry professionals.

IMDBPro includes (People directory, company directory, expanded box office data, In-production directory). The IMDB resume service allowing you to - get a custom url to use on your websites, control personal details, build audiences by adding blog feeds, add up to 100 images to a name page.

13 Fandango    Alexa rank = 1,373   Site URL =

Fandango is a best movie site in the US that sells movie tickets via internet and telephone. This site offers exclusive movie clips, trailers, reviews by users, celebrity interviews, film descriptions, and some web based games to their users.

12 Rottentomatoes   Site URL =

It was founded by Senh Duong On august 13, 1998 owned by flixster. Website services are available in India, UK, USA, Australia, Britain, Canada. provide a best function "tomatometer" to calculate popularity of movies. You will see number of icons on this website which indicates.

  • A Best review is denoted by a fresh red tomato.
  • A Bad review is denoted by a rotten green tomato splat (58% or less).

In 2009 company hosts "message forms" where registered users can rate and review movies, discuss about films, Music files, Video Games and other topics.

14 Moviepilot    Alexa rank = 4,327   Site URL =

Moviepilot is a best place for film fans to talk about movies. More than 32 million peoples use this site every month to know about Superheroes, Contributors, TV shows. It was created in 2007 by Alisha Grauso, Aaron Kelly and Kat Bacon, Site has offices in California, England, Germany, Berlin, Los Angeles and London. Moviepilot more focuses on the upcoming movie news. It is a great place to read, discuss/discover upcoming television shows and movies. This website promote films in the united state. Moviepilot provide information about four categories superheroes, horror, young adult, tv, contributors, movies. On this platform you can join contributors and write about the movies you love.

15 Moviefone    Alexa rank = 5,351   Site URL =

Moviefone is a besr free movie streaming site. Website design very simple and interesting so you can easily stream digital content without any fee. Moviefone mobile application available to Window Phone, Android, iPhone and iPad.

 Top 20 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites | Websites

16 BoxOfficeMojo  Alexa rank = 3,632   Site URL =

Boxofficemojo logo and template design very simple site have no navigation bar. this site started in 1999 by gray started, later company owned by Amazon inc. It is a box office reporting service company regularly quoted in such publications at the Usa Today, Los Angeles Times, Forbes, Wall Street, Journal, CNN, Access Hollywood, CNBC, Fox News.

17    Alexa rank = 3,482 is best wesite to watch TV shows for free. 117K people like site facebook page you can access all latest popular episodes and most popular episodes with in one second. This website best to TV Shows.

18 Tvmuse    Alexa rank = 4,106   Site URL =

Tvmuse specially created for watching television show online without downloading. Its user interface very eye friendly, users can easily explore Documentaries, Anime, Tv show schedule and Movie and Tv news.

19 Yidio    Alexa rank = 7,416   Site URL =

Yidio is a free cross platform discovery service that allows you to find best television shows, personalize and movies across,, Netflix and some other providers in one place. Yidio provides the on demand streaming services. Yidio "television guide" feature offers episode information and anchor links to watch a TV show wherever if is available.

20 Comingsoon    Alexa rank = 6,271   Site URL = is best website for free movie streaming. Site design very simple you can easily access its functionality. Website offers more than one features such as reviews, forum, trailers, tv show, movie dvds.

21    Alexa rank = 11,165   Site URL =

22 Flixster    Alexa rank = 31,135   Site URL =

This website was developed by Joe Greenstein, Saran Chari and Steve Polsky in 2007. Flixster is a social site for movies. Users can create their own profiles, groups, invite friends and rate movies trailers and actors. using UVVU you can watch movies on your favorite devices PC, Smart Phones, Tables, Blu-ray players and Game consoles.

24 Movies    Alexa rank = 30,306   Site URL = is your destination for tv shows, movies trailers, tickets. this site specially well built for movies in 2007 later acquired by fandango and comcast. you can search movies by city zip code or actors. It is world best place to stream any type of upcoming film trailers. site offer a movie finder feature for accessing movie datas from netflix and iTunes services.

25 Vidics    Alexa rank = 33,179   Site URL =

Vidics is another best site to know about top 100 movies, tv shows and celebrities. Vidics also supports more than one languages, provide unlimited access of catalogue of free films for all countries. Users are able to browse the digital content by film category. Vidics developer team members are constantly improving site performance and user satisfaction level.

26 Syfy    Alexa rank = 22,156   Site URL =

Syfy service available in Asia, Spain, UK, USA, Poland, Portugal, Latin America, Germany, France, Benelux. It is a division of nbc universal. Syfy have awesome template so you can quickly access its all free services like (movie images, apps, games, full episodes, shows). On this platform you can watch animation movies.

27    Alexa rank = 64,763   |  Similarweb rank = 56,984

28    Alexa rank = 113,571   |  Similarweb rank = 63,502 is another best place to watch english movies. iWatchonline have many categories like, home, tv&movies, latest updates, tv schedule, requests and forum.

29    Alexa rank = 145,640   |  Similarweb rank = 97,764 best site for streaming digital contents. There are many categories such as (asian movies, commercials, tv shows, animation, films, documentaries, sports and bollywood).

30    Alexa rank = 153,204   |  Similarweb rank = 153,297

List of Movie Streaming Sites Where & how watch movies online