2101 Top Best Social Networking Sites | Websites 2023

Social Networking Sites is a site enable users to create public profiles within that site and provide relationships facility with other users of the same site who access their profile. Using social networks you can create public profile, share ideas, load images and videos, make new friends, create new groups and share links, promote your business on the internet. These websites are used to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

1 Facebook   Alexa rank = 3 | Site URL = www.facebook.com

facebook.com Facebook is the most popular free social media on the internet. facebook was founded on 2/4/2004 by Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Andrew Mccollum, Chris Hughes and Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook users must register before using the site after registration they can create personal profile, upload images and videos, create groups, make friends, exchange messages, video calling. World wide active users on facebook over 1+ billion.

  1. Company Type - Public | Traded as - NASDAQ: FB
  2. Headquarters - Menlo Park, California, US |    Revenue = US$12.566 billion
  3. Operating income = US$4.982 billion | Net income = US$2.98 billion
  4. Total assets = US$40.185 billion | Total equity = US$36.097 billion
  5. Subsidiaries - Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus VR, PrivateCore | Registration - Required
  6. Users - 1.50 billion active users (March 10, 2016) |  Available in - Multilingual

2 Twitter   Alexa rank = 12 | Site URL = twitter.com

twitter.com The Twitter is an microblogging and message platform on the internet, that enables users to read and send short 140 character text messages with image. Twitter was founded in 3/2006 by Biz Stone, Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey Noah Glass. 200+ million active users use twitter and posted 350 million tweets per day.

  1. Company Type - Public | Traded as - NYSE:TWTR
  2. Headquarters - San Francisco, California, US
  3. Revenue = US$989 million (2016) |    Employees = 4,121 (2016)
  4. Subsidiaries - Vine | Written in - Java, Ruby, Scala, JavaScript
  5. Registration - Required to post, follow, or be followed | Available in - Multilingual

3 Linkedin   Alexa rank = 17 | Site URL = www.linkedin.com

Linkedin.com Linkedin is a professional business oriented website. linkedin founded by Reid Hoffman in september 2002 and launched on june 6, 2003. Linked users can post photos, view photos, save jobs that they would like to apply for, like and comments on photos and videos. 277 million word wide active users use this site.

4 Google+   Alexa rank = 47 | Site URL = plus.google.com

google plush Plus.google.com developed by google inc. Using its you can organise all google apps google+, gmail, google search. 550 million active users use google+ service. 32% smartphone users used the google+ app. using it you can create public profile, upload images and videos, make friends, join groups, free video conferencing calls with up to 5 10 people.

5 Instagram Alexa rank = 19 | Site URL = www.instagram.com

instagram.com Instagram is a videos images sharing platform that enables its users to take images and videos. using it you can share your content on other social websites like facebook, flickr, tumblr, twitter. Instgram created by Mike Krieger, Kevin Systrom and launched in november 2010. 100 million world wide active visitors use this website. later instagram was acquired by facebook in may 2012.

6 Pinterest   Alexa rank = 56 | Site URL = www.pinterest.com

Pinterest.com Pinterest.com is a visual discovery tools that you can use to find ideas for all your projects and interests. It is most popular pins boards system founded by Ben Silbermann. Pinterest users can upload, manage images know as pins, and other content videos through collections known as pinboards. Using it you can promote your business online.

7 Tumblr   Alexa rank = 49 | Site URL = www.tumblr.com

tumblr.com Tumblr is a microblogging platform enable users to post images, videos, audios, and micro blogs. Using it you can follow other user blogs. Tumbler founded by David Karp later company Owned by yahoo.com. Tumblr hosts 190 million blogs and more than 83.3 billion posts.

8 VK.com   Alexa rank = 15  |  Site URL = vk.com

Vkontakte (VK.com) is another russian based social site. It is the second largest social platform in europe. VK users can create public profile, groups, uploads images and videos, share images, and play video games. VK founded by pavel durov. VK functionality - messaging, news, communities, like buttons. vk - 250 million world wide users and $172million revenue.

9 Flickr.com   Alexa rank = 274  |  Site URL = www.flickr.com

Flickr is a video and image hosting web services that was created by ludicorp company in 2003 and acquired by yahoo.com in end 2005. Flickr users can share and embed personal images. 89 million users use flickr and uploaded 3.4 million new images daily.

10 Ask.fm   Alexa rank = 478  |  Site URL = ask.fm

Ask was created in july 2 2010. It is a answer question social platform. 71 million active users use this service.

11 Meetup.com   Alexa rank = 586  |  Site URL = www.meetup.com

Meetup.com is an online portal that allow users to find and join groups.

12 Foursquare.com   Alexa rank = 1,462  |  Site URL = foursquare.com

Foursquare service for mobile devices such as Android, Blackbarry, iPhones, Window Phones and smartphones. Foursquare founded by Naveen Selvadurai and Dennis Crowley in 2009. Foursquare more popular outside the US and UK. In march 2014 46 million registered users use this website.

13 Tagged.com   Alexa rank = 1,142 |  Site URL = www.tagged.com

Tagged.com was founded by Greg Tseng and Johann Schleier Smith in 2003. Tagged allow users share tags, play games, browse the profiles of other members. It has 100 million users world wide.

14 Weibo.com   Alexa rank = 27  |  Site URL = weibo.com

Weibo.com is most popular microblogging service in china. 503 million users use weibo its hold 2.4billion worth. Weibo was developed by Sina corporation on 15 november 2009. According sina 100 million messages are posted each day by weibo.com. Company CEO - Charles Chao.

15 Myspace.com   Alexa rank = 2,147  |  Site URL = myspace.com

Myspace.com is a social service for music streaming. This website purchased by Justin Timberlake. Myspace was founded in 2002 by Tom Anderson and Chris Dewolfe. Myspace groups feature that allowed a group of users to share a common page and message board.

16 hi5.com   Alexa rank = 3,168  |  Site URL = www.hi5.com

HI5.com is famous website based in san francisco california. The hi5 company was founded by ramu yalamanchi in 2003. www.hi5.com company purchased by tagged.

17 Meetme.com   Alexa rank = 9,343  |  Site URL = www.meetme.com

18 Ok.ru   Alexa rank = 57  |  Site URL = ok.ru

Odnoklassniki service most popular in russia. Odnoklassniki.com was foundad by Albert Popkov on may 5, 2006. 150 million registered users use odnoklassniki. This web site listed in top 10 russian internet brands. Odnoklassniki.com won the runet prizes in 2006 and 2007. Company revenue = $20.34 million dollar.

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