21 Top Best Most Popular Blogs On the Internet 2023

A Blog is a informational website published on the (WWW) world wide web and consisting of discrete posts typically displayed in reverse chronological order. MABs ('Multi author blogs') have developed with posts written by large numbers of authors and professionally edited. A web blog combines images, short videos, text, web pages, hyperlink to other blogs, and other digital media related to its topic. Blogger.com is the most popular blogging service in the world. On 21 march 2015, there were around 76.5 million wordpress and 173 million tumblr.com weblogs in existence worldwide. Types Personal, Microblogging, Collaborative or group blogs, Organizational blogs.

All below 10 Best Most Popular Blogs rated based on its alexa rank, quality of blog content, web page design and layout, how many users like its facebook page, blog popular in the world.

Most Popular, Interesting and Successful Best Blogs on the internet

1 Huffingtonpost   Alexa rank = 99 | Site URL = www.huffingtonpost.com

Huffingtonpost.com Top Best Most Popular Blogs The Huffington post is an american online news aggregator and blog developed in may 2005. The website offers popular blogs, news, and original content and covers local news, comedy, culture, women's interests, healthy living, lifestyle, popular media, technology, environment, entertainment and business. On february 8, 2011 aol announced it would acquire the huffingtonpost for US $314 million.

  • Founder(s) - Arianna huffington, Kenneth lerer, jonah peretti, andrew breitbart.
  • Founded - May 2005   |   Company Headquarters = 770 broadway New York, NY 10003 U.S.
  • Employees - 867   |   Parent - AOL   |   Registration - Optional   |   Launched - May 9, 2005
  • Type of site - Political blog | Slogan(s) : 'The Internet Newspaper: Blogs, News, Community'

2 Businessinsider   Alexa rank = 257 | Site URL = www.businessinsider.com

Businessinsider.com BI is a business and technology news site launched in march 2009 and based in US. Business insider founded by Double click founder Kevin P. Ryan. BI (Business insider) launched Business insider intelligence a subscription based research service that provides data and analysis on the social, e-commerce, payments, mobile, and digital media industries. Business insider one of the fastest growing business media website reaching more than 61 million readers per month. Business insider was built for the digital age, finance, general business news, and offering real time coverage of technology. BI was an official webby honoree for Best Financial & Business blog in 2009.

  • Type of website - Best Business & Financial Blogs |   Available in English.
  • Owner - Business Insider Inc.   |  Editor - Henry Blodget   |  Launched - February 2009.

3 Techcrunch   Alexa rank = 465 | Site URL = Techcrunch.com

Techcrunch.com TechCrunch is a Weblog focused on IT (Information technology) companies. TechCrunch was founded by Keith Teare and Michael Arrington in 2005. It has a global reader base with the US(41%), India(17%), Japan(4%), UK(3%), and Canada(3%) as main countries according to the number of page impressions. TC Disrupt is an annual conference hosted by TC in Beijing, New York City, and San Francisco. This website now reach over 11.99 million unique visitors and draw more than 37 million page views per month. The TC community includes more than 2.1 million followers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and other social media. The techcrunch company hosts major events and conferences, including the Crunchies Awards, the Disrupt series, and international city events.

  • Type of site - Technology news&blog  | Registration - None | Owner - AOL.
  • Created by - Michael Arrington, Keith Teare  |  Editor - Alexia Tsotsis and Matthew Panzarino.

4 TMZ   Alexa rank = 943 | Site URL = www.tmz.com

TMZ.com Top Best Most Popular Blogs TMZ (Thirty Mile Zone) is a celebrity news site that founded in November 2005. Thirty Mile Zone was a collaboration between Telepictures productions and AOL. TMZ.com is a best blog with high quality template design and website offers celebrity videos, images and celebrity news. Alexa.com ranked TMZ as the one hundred-twenty-two most trafficked website in the US and as the five hundred fifth most trafficked website worldwide. TMZ altered the entertainment news landscape by changing the way the public get its news. Thirty Mile Zone is one of the most cited entertainment news website.
TMZ on TV is an american syndicated entertainment and gossip news television show that premiered on october 1, 2007.

5 Mashable   Alexa rank = 564 | Site URL = mashable.com

Mashable.com Mashable is a leading source for news, information & resources for the connected generation. Mashable was founded by pete cashmore in july 2005. Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco. This blog reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. 42 million unique visitors use this website. Mashable design awesome and offers best news covers many areas social media, technology business news, fashion and much more.

  • Slogan - "Mashable is the leading media company for the Connected Generation and the voice of digital culture."
  • Type - Private   |   Founded - July 2005   |   Employees - 120  |  Available in - English.

6 Gizmodo   Alexa rank = 513 | Site URL = www.gizmodo.com

Gizmodo.com Gizmodo.com is a technology and design blog. This blog part of gawker media, which also has other notable brands such as Kotaku, Lifehacker, Jezebel, io9, and Deadspin. Gizmodo will bring to you all the hottest/latest technology news, unveilings, gadget reviews, rumours from around the world in a fair, unbiased way. Gizmodo have simple navigation bar and template so any new user can easily access its all functionalities.

  • Type of site - Technology and design blog.   |   Registration - Optional |  Launched - 2002.
  • Owner - Gawker Media   |  Editor - Brian Barrett   |  Created by - Peter Rojas.
  • Available In - Dutch, Italian, French, English, German, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese.

7 Lifehacker   Alexa rank = 637 | Site URL = www.lifehacker.com

lifehacker.com Lifehacker is a Best blog about software and life hacks. This blog was launched on january 30 2005, later site owned by gawker media. Lifehacker posts wide range of topics including iOS, Mac, Android, Linux, Microsoft Windows. Lifehacker has four international editions, Lifehacker India, Lifehacker Japan, Lifehacker Australia and Lifehacker UK.

  • Slogan - Tips and downloads to help you at work and play   |  Commercial? - Yes.
  • Type of site - Blog   |  Registration - Optional   |  Owner - Gawker Media.
  • Created by - Gina Trapani   |  Editor - Whitson Gordon   |  Available in - English, Japanese.

8 Makeuseof   Alexa rank = 769 | Site URL = www.makeuseof.com

Makeuseof.com MakeUseOf.com is a technology and internet apps blog founded by Kaly Mochoev and Aibek Esengulov in july 2006. This blog primary focus is technology, web applications, and software, but later they have also recently covering opinion, news, and gadgets. MakeUseOf has also been named one of the Top 90 Classic Sites by PC magazine on two separate years 2008 and 2010.

  • Type of Website - Blog (Technology/Software)   |  Type - Private   |   Founded - July 2006.
  • Slogan - Technology Simplified   |   Employees - 50.

9 Thedailybeast   Alexa rank = 1,357 | Site URL = www.thedailybeast.com

Thedailybeast.com The Daily Beast is an American news website founded by Tina Brown, Website launched on 6 October 2008, and is owned by IAC. This Site delivers best news in the arenas of politics, world news, pop culture. The Daily Beast has introduced additional sections, including 'Book Beast', 'Beast', 'Hungry Beast', 'Cheat Sheet', 'Business Beast' and entertainment section. The Daily Beast frequently creates encyclopedic pages on topical subjects such as the Iran uprising, the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme, President Obama's inauguration, the US Open, and Michael Jackson. This website won a Webby Award for "Best News Site" in 2013.

10 Engadget   Alexa rank = 537 | Site URL = www.engadget.com

Engadget is a technology blog network with daily coverage of gadgets and electronics. Engadget was the largest blog in Weblogs inc. This blog was founded by former Gizmodo weblog editor and founder Peter Rojas. Engadget won Best Tech Blog in the 2005 Weblog Awards.

  • Slogan - The definitive guide to this connected life   |   Registration - Optional.
  • Owner - AOL   |   Editor - Michael Gorman   |   Launched - March 2004  |  Commercial - Yes.
  • Available in - English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese, Spanish, German.

11 Deadspin   Alexa rank = 1,532 | Site URL = deadspin.com

Deadspin.com is a sports blog, founded by Will Leitch in September, 2005. This Website posts previews of the major sports stories of the day, commentaries. All stories on deadspin come from readers and other sports blogs.

  • Type of site - Sports Blog  |  Registration - Optional  |  Owner - Gawker Media.
  • Created by - Will Leitch, Rick Chandler  |  Editor - Tim Marchman.

12 Gawker.com   Alexa rank = 6,176 | Site URL = Gawker.com

Gawker.com Gawker is a best weblog founded by Elizabeth Spiers and Nick Denton and based in New York City. This website focuses on celebrities and the media industry. It promotes itself as 'the source for daily manhattan media news and gossip. This company has created other weblogs, including Deadspin, Defamer, which covers sports. Gawker usually publishes more than 14 posts daily during the week. Gawker also publishes content from its sister websites. Gawker content covers New York-centric stories, critiques of mainstream news outlets, celebrity and media industry gossip. All blog articles are licensed on a Creative Commons attribution NonCommercial license.

Gawker Media is a blog network founded and owned by Nick Denton. Gawker is more successful blog oriented media company. It is the parent company for eight different blogs: Kotaku, io9, Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Deadspin, Jalopnik, Gawker.com, and Jezebel.

  • Type of site - Blog   |  Owner - Gawker Media   |  Editor - Max Read  |  Launched - Jan, 2003.

13 Perezhilton   Alexa rank = 4,354 | Site URL = perezhilton.com

Perezhilton was founded by Mario Armando Lavandeira in 2001. This blog posts gossip items about celebrities. He has been features in/on the Wall Street Journal, Larry King, CNN, Paper Magazine, CBS News, LA Magazine, NY Times and many more. Perezhilton.com has introduced additional sections, including 'CocoPerez', 'Bruce Jenner', 'Kim K', 'Boobs', and PerezTV section.

14 Kotaku   Alexa rank = 1,126 | Site URL = kotaku.com

Type of Website - Gaming Blog   |  Slogan The Gamer's Guide  |  Owner - Gawker Media  |  Created by Brian Crecente.

15 Jezebel   Alexa rank = 2,531 | Site URL = jezebel.com

Jezebel is a blog aimed at women's interests, under the tag 'fashion for women, celebrity, without airbrushing'. Jezebel was founded by Anna Holmes in May, 2007. Jezebel template design awesome and unique.

  • Type of site - Blog   |   Owner - Gawker Media   |   Editor - Jessica Coen.

16 Searchengineland   Alexa rank = 1.56K | Site URL = searchengineland.com

SearchEngineLand is a news site that covers search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). This website was founded by Banny Sullivan in 2006. SearchEngineLand lead by Matt Mcgee, its a place for SEO news, tips, internet marketing tips. Searchengineland world largest network where 31% search engine optimization starter and experts search data about Google secrets. Type of Site - SEO Blog.

17 Hongkiat   Alexa rank = 1,561 | Site URL = www.hongkiat.com

HongKiat.com was founded by Hongkiat Lim. It is a technology and design blog for developers, designs and tech users. More than 8 million unique visitors/(month) use this website. The Hongkiat community includes more than 200k friends and followers on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social media.

  • Alexa: 1023+   |   Feed Subscribers: 70,000+   |   Visitors (day): 280,000+
  • Pageviews (day): 450,000+   |   Pageviews (month): 12,500,453+

18 BoingBoing.net   Alexa rank = 4,746 | Site URL = boingboing.net

BoingBoing started as a zine in 1988 by Frauenfelder and Carla Sinclair, his wife. The editors are Rob Beschizza, Xeni Jardin, David Pescovitz, Cory Doctorow, Mark Frauenfelder and Maggie Koerth Baker. On this website you can submit your content. More than million fans like it on facebook, twitter and google plush.

19 Cheezburger   Alexa rank = 6,563 Site URL = www.cheezburger.com |

Cheezburger network has 12 million unique visitors and 320 million page views per month. The company websites have a CPM per page of $9 and a total annual revenue of $11.4 million. Annual operating profit is $4 million.

20 Labnol   Alexa rank = 6,157 | Similarweb = 5,785 | Best in India

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