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Video sites is a platform where users can upload small and large video clips with heading and share with friends on the internet. YouTube is world most popular website, 500 million users use this website to upload and share video clip on the internet. On the web more then 101 best video sites available with different qualities & functionalities and free for watching.

1 YouTube  -   Alexa rank = 2    Site URL =

YouTube is a world's largest video uploading site, was developed by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim in february 2005 later YouTube was bought by Google Inc for $1.64 billion in November 2006 so now operates as a google subsidiary, company headquarters in san bruno, california, united states. YouTube Smartphone app available for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android and Window Phones. It available in 61 language versions through user interface. YouTube integrated directly with google+ social networking website and chrome web browser, you can viewed youtube videos within google+ interface. On youtube platform unregistered users can only view videos and registered users can upload an unlimited number of videos and Tv clips. YouTube application use HTML5 and Adobe Flash player software technology to display a wide variety to corporate media and user generated videos. Video content on the youtube has been uploaded by media corporations and individuals. when you upload original videos you can earn money.

  • YouTube technology - Use HTML 5 and Adobe flash player plug-in to display video content.
  • YouTube registered user can upload videos up to 15 minutes to 12 hours in length.
  • YouTube users can upload 3D videos.
  • You can earn money from youtube by uploading videos.
  • Top five YouTube channels PewDiePie, HolaSoyGermanm, T-Series, Ryan ToysReview, WWE
  • Content inappropriate for advertising - Violence, Inappropriate language, Promotion of drugs, natural disasters and tragedies.

2 Netflix  -   Alexa rank = 47   |   Site URL = Netflix is a video streaming website developed by Reed Hastings, Marc Randolph in 1997, who previously had worked together at software company Pure. Using netflix you can Watch Television shows and Movies anytime, anywhere on web. Netflix announced that it had 34 million subscribers in United State, total revenue for netflix reached at least $2.3 billion dollar. Netflix have two subscription plans on covering DVD rental services and other instant streaming. The cost for streaming and DVD rental would be 8$ per month. On july 2013 and December 2014 netflix earned primetime emmy award and golden globe award. It support Mac operating system, Window PC, Linux. Netflix videos are available on the Xbox 360 game consoles and sony computer entertainment product playstation 3. Founded = August 29, 1997; 18 years ago. Netflix available in india, in indian region first month is free after one month 650 is cost for you. You and your family enjoy life watch movie, Tv shows.

3   -   Alexa rank = 123   |   Site URL = Vimeo is a fast growing video platform where you can not upload commercial content on it, all uploaded content on vimeo must be original and non commercial. Vimeo was founded by Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein in november 2004, company headquarters in new york city USA, later vimeo owned by interactivecorp in january 2009. 24 million registered users use this website, 51% traffic comes from mobile devices. Vimeo non plus users only upload up to on one HD video per week and, up to 500 mega byte of videos per week, premium account holder can uploads unlimited HD videos, create unlimited channels, albums and groups. Vimeo offer new business PRO account for commercial and business use which support third party video player, advanced analytics, allow 50GB space. Vimeo videos are encoded into H.264 for HTML5 support. with vimeo you can share videos privately with family, friends on any devices.

Vimeo ($9.9 per month) Plus members gets

  • 5GB of high definition videos per week
  • No banner ads
  • 5GB space a week, support third party video player
  • you can upload your videos in full HD.
  • User can create many groups, albums and channels.
  • source file downloading options available

Basic members gets.

  • Storage space - 449MB.
  • In one week user can upload only one 1 HD video.
  • Banner ads.
  • The ability to create 1 group, 1 channel and 3 albums.

4  -   Alexa rank = 259   |   Site URL =

Yahoo screen

Yahoo screen is a video hosting website which provide on demand video streaming service for movies, TV shows, webisodes and some other meida. Yahoo screen homepage content changed randomaly based on premium entertainment content, current events, viral videos, comedy clips. Yahoo provide social network interface using it users can share videos with friends. Yahoo was founded by David Filo and Jerry Yang in march 1994. Company CEO - Marissa Maye. Yahoo Video service support more than one video categories like (Comedy Music, Sports, Movies, Tv, Fashion& Beauty, Celebrity, Gaming and Food, Health, News, Finance, Travel, Technology news)

5 Dailymotion  -   Alexa rank = 137   |   Site URL = Dailymotion wad founded by Olivier Poitrey and Benjamin Bejbaum in march 2005, later company raised funds with atlas ventures and partech international, its a french based video hosting and sharing service, this time website available in 34 languages. In 2005 dailymotion provide simple functionality like video upload and browsing system but later company added some new features like add friends, subscribe to channels, users could follow and recommend videos to other users, dailymotion users can easily integrate videos on their own blogs/websites. Users can view own videos on facebook platform and dailymotion worked on smart TV, android and Xbox 360, at the end of 2011 dailymotion launched the open "video on demand" program. With "video on demand" content creators can choose price, player, format and sell their programs. End of 2012 company launched "mass uploader" based on adobe air technology, this technology allow users to upload several videos simultaneously. Company headquarters in paris, 140 boulevard malesherbes, 17th arrondissement, france. Daily motion start a new service - any user create account, upload video on it and get money from your video.

6 Twitch  -   Alexa rank = 92   |   Site URL = service for live streaming video platform developed by in 2011, later company acquired by Amazon. On the twitch platform you will find the top video shows in the gaming world from joystiq, destructoid, manvsgame. Twitch offers a functionality for real time coverage of gaming related talk shows and esports tournaments. Twitch has software for Xbox 360, Xbox one and play station 4. You can find twitch mobile apps on android and iOS platforms.

7 Vine  -   Alexa rank = 2,356   |   Site URL = Vine was developed by Colin Kroll, Rus Yusupov and Dom Hofmann in july 2012,Later the company was acquired by microblogging site twitter in end 2012 ($29.12 million). Vine application supports Android, Window Phone, iOS operating system, app size 14 MB available in 25 languages. It is a short form video clip sharing service allow users to record and upload only six second long looping video clips and "revine". The revine is a function, where you can share other peoples posts with followers. Vine support facebook and myspace social networks. The app "loo count" algorithm showing how many times video was viewed. This service more support the comedy and music oriented videos. It was acquired by Twitter in October 2012. In 2016 is closed on this site you can not upload video only watch video and download for future use.

8 Vube  -   Alexa rank = 4,268   |   Site URL = is a video sharing space where users can upload video clips and gets thousands of dollars. Vube also offers all services completely free. With Vube User can create own channel for publishing content, follow other channels, comments on clips to collaborate, interact and provide feedback to other vube users, receive notifications, share content and connect with other social networking services. 1.7 million peoples like this on facebook. 30 million visitors visit this websites in one month and uploaded millions of videos, songs, bollywood and hollywood movies.

9 Liveleak  -   Alexa rank = 978   |   Site URL = Live leak is a video sharing website founded in 2006 by Hayden Hewitt company headquarters in london (United Kingdom). Leak "yoursay" section where users post their own videos. Company aims to cover politics, war clips, reality footage and world events. Live leak provide number of categories including syria and ukraine. 465K people like this on facebook.

10  -   Alexa rank = 3,527   |   Site URL = Ustream support Number of functionality like easy streaming, multi-device support, HD broadcasting, embed and engage with audience, developer APIs. It is San francisco based video streaming service has more than 200 employees in their offices. The company was developed by John Ham, Dr. Gyula Feher, Brad Hunstable in 2007. The ustream has been covered technology, entertainment and political fields. Ustream use a fingerprinting system to detect copyrighted content. Mobile application available in English, German, Spanish, Korean and Japanese languages.

Top 15 Best Video Sharing Sites | Websites

11 Break  -   Alexa rank = 5,278   |   Site URL =

Break is a most popular website for funny videos, funny pictures, comedy clips, flash games and some other material. Break special designed for mans. This site founded in 1998 later owned by TMFT enterprises, LLC.In may 2007, company develop a video streaming broadband series to be available as a features on 2010 break media company purchased the PC-game hosting company Users can share break videos on social networking sites facebook, twitter, myspace, google+.

12  -   Alexa rank = 3,653   |   Site URL = is platform where you can show TV lives online. It is a best comprehensive source for television, user can submit new tv show on this website. develop a relay functionality, which a social television available over web and mobile apps. launched in july, 2005 later owned by CBS interactive.

13  -   Alexa rank = 1,376   |   Site URL = is a photo and HD video hosting platform you can upload and sell your video content on this website. Smugmug support the social media interface, which allows sharing videos on these networks. Smugmug was founded by Chris and Don Macaskill in 2002.

14  -   Alexa rank = 12,739   |   Site URL =

Metacafe is a video sharing site similar to other hosting platforms like "youtube, dailymotion" but later it transformed itself into a small clip video entertainment. 20 million unique monthly visitors visit this company. The company founded in july 2003 by Reza Lzad, In 2012 acquired by Digital Talent Agency.

15 Viewster  -   Alexa rank = 63,294   |   Site URL = is a on demand internet streaming media site. It was founded by Kia Henniges and Jorg Boksberger in 2007, users can use viewster without registration. All content are available in two categories movies and television shows. Viewster support the iOS and Android Platform.

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